Outrage Pimps

I am not sufficiently outraged about all the comments this week about stay at home moms.I’m sorry I refuse to be your outrage pimp on this issue. I won’t deny you your outrage. I recognize much of it is legitimate.But I want the Democrats and the left to say what they truly believe about stay at home moms. I don’t want to be so outraged that the pushback is so great that they are silent.I disagree with the comments, but I am not outraged by them.I want the American people to hear their comments. I know the American people, like me, disagree with the Democrats’ view on stay at home moms. And I want them to go to the polls knowing what the Democrats truly believe.But I’m not going to be an outrage pimp over their different world view. I’m not going to try to extent your outrage over their comments. Besides, it doesn’t work. We will exhaust ourselves trying to get the media to keep the focus on this particular outrage while they move on rapidly. The media is only willing to fixate on left-wing outrage.It’s fine that you are outraged. But I’m not going to exhaust myself pimping outrage on all these statements about stay at home moms. We’ve $16 trillion in debt, the President’s economic policy is failing everyone, and Republicans seem too willing to cut deals instead of cutting spending. That’s what I’m outraged about and that’s where I think the focus should remain.Everything else is just a distraction from jobs and the economy. And the Democrats would much prefer you focus everywhere. In the meantime, in all their rhetoric about how out of touch Republicans are, the Democrats keep making statements proving just how out of touch they really are.I endorse Matt Lewis’s take on this whole mess.



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