Hilary Rosen’s specific point was that Ann Romney, not having been in the workforce outside the home, cannot really relate to women in the workforce. I disagree. Here’s why.


In my experience, with both a stay at home mom raising me, my wife a stay at home mom, and many of my friends married to stay at home moms, the stay at home mother typically raises the kids, cooks the meals, cleans the house, oversees homework, and on top of that the stay at home mom pays the bills, buys the groceries, handles the insurance hassles, knows the co-pay, haggles with the bank, etc. etc. etc.

The stay at home mom deals with many of the same issues the working woman deals with in addition to a host of other matters. It is not that the working woman has it more or less difficult. It is that working women and stay at home moms have it differently difficult in different areas with some days better and some days worse. And single parents, mothers and fathers, have it most difficult. But none are homogenous automatons of one singular thought or view on all topics.

Move past Hilary Rosen’s remarks if you can. The amazing speed at which Democrats sought to distance themselves from her remarks suggests they know that in all the talk about Romney’s problem with women, they have their own.

After Hilary Rosen’s remarks, a number of leftwing pundits came out seemingly upset that Hilary did not go as far as they would have wanted her to. In so doing, these pundits, activists, and politicos have raised up the raw stench of elitism. Luckily, few smelled it because it was drifting in from MSNBC.


Nonetheless, there were people like Joan Walsh of the far left rag Salon. She thought it perfectly okay to pronounce on Hardball yesterday that of course working women have it harder than stay at home moms. Of course they do you women battling breast cancer and suffering from MS while raising five boys without nannies and cooks and maids contrary to what the left has been claiming is, was, and forever more shall be the case with Ann Romney. Never mind that Mitt and Ann Romney gave away their inherited fortune to build their own lives and fortune.

There there is Chris Hayes, also of MSNBC and the even further left than Salon The Nation. He said if Republicans really think that stay at home moms are workers, then they should be paid a wage. Seriously.

It went down hill from there. The most striking thing is the overwhelming presumption from so many on the left who waded into the waters who think only the wealthy can be stay at home moms. As a matter of fact, I know scores of stay at home moms and not a single one’s husband gets them into the 1%, let alone the top 10% for most.

The myopic view of not just stay at home mothers as rich socialites with nannies, but of women in general too, highlights the problem for the Democrats. They talk about the GOP as the party of the rich when they are increasingly a party of the elite. Many of them look on stay at home moms as inferior or second class. Consider Christy Hayes of MSNBC and the Nation who openly wonders if it can really be considered work if they are not getting a salary.


The Democrats seem to believe that all women believe what they believe and are the same. Instead of unique individuals, they are a stereotyped class of women who care only about birth control, abortion, and government benefits. Stay at home moms who fall outside this view are viewed as second class citizens who really can’t be related to and who cannot relate to women in the workforce. Liberal women who prided themselves on feminist advances into society and think of themselves as unique individuals go on twitter and television and radio to proclaim all women same thinking, same liking, same knowing, and . . . well . . . same.

Like black Republicans such as Condelezza Rice, Michael Steel, and Herman Cain who are ridiculed by the left as oreos, Uncle Toms, or worse, women who think differently are treated as second class citizens, inferior, or somehow “other.”

As former Bush Press Secretary Ari Fleischer noted last night, in the 2008 exit polls only 30% of women classified themselves as “working women,” a category of woman the left seems to think is all that matters or counts as legitimate through their rhetoric.

This is precisely why the Democrats have their own problems with women. In thinking women only care about X, Y, or Z, they forget that in 2004 women were mostly concerned with who would keep them safe and this year will be mostly concerned with who will get them, their husbands, their children, their relatives, and their neighbors back into jobs that make ends meet. This is the one area Barack Obama prefers not to talk about.


I compared Rick Santorum a few weeks ago to Dug the dog in the movie Up!. The dog would be engaged in conversation (you have to see the movie to get it) with a person then yell “Squirrel” on the sight of a squirrel, changing his entire focus and attention. Barack Obama now hopes the American voter is like Dug the Dog and can be distracted from an economy that seems more and more like Schrodinger’s cat — alive as long as we pay no attention to it. Dead if we do.


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