Augusta National

I am not a member of Augusta National and I’m pretty terrible at golf, though getting better. I have a net in the back and relaxation involves beer and hitting golf balls.Nonetheless, the left is absurdly irate that I or anyone else would dare say I have no problem with Augusta National being an exclusively male golf club. They’re also laughing that I said “the Masters” on the radio, though I certainly meant the Club, not the tournament.In any event, who cares?There are all female colleges and there are all female gyms. The Junior League does not admit men either. Why should Augusta National be forced to admit women?The left will surely drag Augusta National into its “War on Women” mythology. I hope, however, that yet again Augusta National keeps its head up.There is nothing wrong with either men or women choosing to have their own clubs. But there is a sad, pathetic need by the left to turn every single thing in America — from a Happy Meal to the Masters and Augusta National — into a political issue.Look! Caterpillars!



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