By Jon Bruning's Own Logic, Is He Into Gay Marriage and Inappropriate Relationships With Kids?

What a miserable question to have to ask about Nebraska Attorney General and Republican Senate Candidate Jon Bruning — in effect is he, at best, a creepy pervert and at worst a monster. But before you pick up pitch forks and torches against me for asking the question, you need to understand that this is Jon Bruning’s own tortured logic in the Nebraska Senate Republican Primary.Jon Bruning, the Attorney General of Nebraska all but accused his primary opponent, Don Stenberg, of being a pedophile. Bruning did so in a Senate primary debate when the debate kept coming back to Jon Bruning still defending Barack Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder.I wish I were making it up, but I am not. Even the Democrats in Nebraska had to jump in and point out that based on Jon Bruning’s “evidence” about Don Stenberg, Jon Bruning is guilty of the same.I warned each and every one of you that Jon Bruning had a reputation for being a hot head who would meltdown under the pressure of a campaign. As appalling as it is, he has done so. If he’s resorting to suggesting his primary opponent is a pedophile to distract from inconvenient facts about his support of Eric Holder, to what new depths will the man sink in a general election? To what extent will he embarrass the GOP?


Two nights ago the Nebraska Republicans had a Senate primary debate. When Bruning was pressed on his support for Eric Holder, he deflected and lobbed a bombshell attack against State Treasurer Don Stenberg. He claimed that Stenberg inappropriately tried to follow his 14-year-old daughter on Twitter. I thought he was just going to say Stenberg was guilty of dragging his family into the race as a way to dig up dirt. But no. Bruning said it was “weird” and “creepy” for a “62-year-old man” to follow a “14-year-old girl” on Twitter. Of course Don Stenberg doesn’t manage his Twitter account and campaigns typically follow lots of people they don’t know and even follow their opponents’ families’ twitter accounts. But Bruning, who I bet does not manage his own twitter account, claimed Stenberg’s campaign tried to follow Bruning’s daughter as evidence that Stenberg is a pedophile.Yesterday, the Democrats highlighted that Bruning is following several teenage girls on Twitter. Oops. And there’s still no evidence that Stenberg’s campaign requested access to Bruning’s daughter’s locked account. When someone tries to follow a locked account on Twitter, the owner of the locked account receives an email request to do so. Bruning’s campaign has yet to come forward with that email. Even if it did, the campaign cannot show that Stenberg himself manages his own Twitter account.Conservatives should avoid Jon Bruning like the plague. He didn’t want to defend his outrageous support for Eric Holder so he made a wild, unsubstantiated attack against an honorable man. He’s used to doing whatever is necessary to win elections. That’s why he’s been on both sides of nearly every issue and it’s why he’s smearing Stenberg today.Oh, and by Jon Bruning’s own logic, I presume he is a supporter of same sex marriage and gay rights. As you can see from this screenshot, in addition to following several teenage girls on Twitter, Jon Bruning also follows the NOH8 campaign on Twitter — the gay rights group advocating against Proposition 8 in California.



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