Every Man Has a God

It is the start of Holy Week. Two Thousand years ago, Christ entered Jerusalem on his way to Calvary.As we start the week, our nation finds itself in an interesting position. Unlike our cousins in Europe, we remain a church going nation with a majority who believe in God, or at least claim to. At the same time, it has become trendy to demagogue the Church.ABC runs a show called “Good Christian Bitches” and the President of the United States declares war on faith trying to force secular beliefs into sectarian Christian faith.We are still a mostly religious nation, but it has become cool to reject Christ or even to come out as an atheist. Atheists are routinely feted by our celebrity culture, appear on news shows mouthing off on the topics of the day, and are heralded as courageous for rejecting several thousand years of considered thought while mocking that considered thought as mythology. The stupid are always the wise in this world.Let’s start this week with one particular thought that so many of the so called wise will reject as stupid, but which is absolute fact.Every man, woman, and child in this world has a god. Even atheists have gods. It may not be the actual risen Lord, but everyone has a god. People need gods. It may be a job. It may be a drug. It may be family. It may be a hobby. Each person’s god may be different and it may even be yourself. But everyone puts their faith in something and it becomes their god whether they believe it or not.In this day and age, many secularists have converted creation itself into their god and they worship God’s creation in place of God himself.Where do you give your time, your talent, and your treasure? Where is your focus?Where ever that might be, it most likely is your god.This week, fix your focus, your time, your talent, and your treasure on Calvary. There the real God was nailed to a cross against his will, was crucified, died, and was buried. What some ridicule and mock as outmoded myth set off, three days later, the most significant event all of human history — one that shaped the world in a way no other before or after could.As you start your Monday and focus on work, family, friends, holidays, and travel, keep some perspective about you. There are bigger things at work around us and one bigger than all of us at work for us.



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