David DewCrist's Health Care Problem

David DewCrist . . . er . . . Dewhurst is Texas’s Lieutenant Governor and is running for the United States Senate against RedState endorsed Ted Cruz. Lt. Gov. DewCrist has been making sure local news outlets in Texas understand he understands healthcare. He has studied healthcare. In fact, Dewhurst has joined up with a top expert to figure out how to save costs in healthcare.There’s just one problem.David DewCrist’s top advisor is a man named Guy Clifton. Mr. Clifton “was a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health Policy Fellow in Congress, assigned to Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah.” Oh, and Mr. Clifton and David DewCrist were in a “years-long collaboration” according to DewCrist. What the Lieutenant Governor did not discuss was that Dr. Clifton is an advocate of the individual mandate.It really is amazing these experts and a lot of politicians on both sides of the aisle up until 2010 were all in favor of the individual mandate even though its constitutionality is dubious. But hey, no one reads the constitution anymore. It’s too old.



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