After the Fact, Romney's Supporters in Michigan Seemingly Rewrite the Delegate Rules

According to the Michigan Republican Party rules, each candidate who wins a congressional district will win a delegate per district. Romney and Santorum split the districts, so they each got 14 delegates. There are two statewide delegates.The statewide delegates are divided based on a mathematic calculation for each candidate who gets over 15% of the vote. In Michigan, as Right Michigan explains, Romney and Santorum each got one.So while Romney got just shy of 2% more of the vote than Santorum in Michigan, he and Santorum split the statewide delegates and wound up tied 15 to 15 in Michigan.But the Romney camp cannot have that. This is Romney’s home state. Romney has to win.So last night, the Michigan GOP’s Credentials Committee voted to take a delegate away from Santorum and give it Mitt Romney.They claim this had all been decided back on February 4, 2012, but it is clear from the memo documenting that meeting that no one else read the delegate count that way.My friend Saul Anuzis who is a Romney supporter and who participated in the vote says it was all a misunderstanding, but the memo Saul links to is dated today, not from February 4, 2012.This looks like Romney supporters changing a tie to a win. I suggest the Michigan GOP issue the original memorandum because this looks more like Romney supporters trying to steal a delegate than standard compliance. Back on February 14th, it appears some interpreted what would happen to be winner take all for the statewide delegates. We should expect, however, the Santorum and possibly the Gingrich camps to seize on this. So the Michigan GOP needs to act quick to get this story to go away.



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