A Supernova Now Dark

There will be a number of posts from people on this site and others today about Andrew Breitbart. Editorially, you’re supposed to have one post that everyone can rally around, but Andrew Breitbart was such a multifaceted fascinating renaissance man. We each have our own descriptions and stories of Breitbart.


When I first heard the news I thought it was another twitter hoax. But it sadly is not.

Andrew Breitbart was, in every room I ever saw him in, the brilliant bright light and ball of energy people gravitated to and fixated on. It is like a supernova has gone dark.

For all the focus on his activism — something he was highly effective at despite criticism from the left and media who were beaten at their own game by him — he is not often credited enough for being a dot-com entrepreneur.

Having worked at the Drudge Report keeping the lights on for Matt, Breitbart had the brilliant idea of getting the AP news feed and setting up Breitbart.com. Many sites then followed suit, but he was one of the first and definitely the most successful guy to do that.

He helped get the Huffington Post off the ground and then set about building the Big sites.

What I admired most about Andrew was his willingness to be the lightning rod despite criticism from both the left and the right. He was the lightening rod and when lightening struck, Andrew used the brilliant flash of light to direct everyone’s attention to precisely what he wanted them to see. He was a master at it. The attention he garnered was never about getting attention for himself, but using the attention to tell the story and share the news he wanted told and shared.


This brilliant ball of energy has gone dark. My and our shared prayers are for his family, friends, and colleagues who will miss his friendship, leadership, and no doubt as I have more than once received, his 3 o’clock in the morning (Eastern Time) phone calls from the Los Angeles Freeway on his way home to his wife and kids that abruptly end when he gets pulled over by the police for using his cell phone while driving. But you never had to worry. He’d call and wake you back up around 4:30 to apologize for having called so late. I speak from personal experience.

God bless you, Andrew.


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