The Last Debate?

Today is a holiday here at RedState, but I’m doing laundry, packing, and preparing to fly out to Arizona.

On Wednesday night, CNN will bring the nation what may very well be the last debate in the Republican Presidential Primary season. From Mesa, AZ, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, and Ron Paul will take the stage one last time.


At least we can presume it will be the last time. Romney, Santorum, and Paul bailed on the pre-Super Tuesday debate that would have been hosted by both CNN and the Georgia Republican Party in Atlanta.

So this may be the last bite at the apple for Newt Gingrich to rebound, Santorum to throw Romney off his game, and for MItt Romney himself to maybe help himself with a base that still is not in love. Tune in Wednesday for the CNN Debate starting at 8pm ET live from Mesa, AZ. And stick around afterwards. I’ll be part of the post-game commentary and this most likely last debate of the primary season.


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