Panic Time for Everybody. Sepuku Seems To Be Winning the GOP Primary.

Mitt Romney should win Michigan. It is his for real home state — not one of the adopted or moved in to and bought a big house home states. Michigan is Mitt Romney’s home state as in his father was Governor of Michigan.He should win it.He is losing it.He is losing it to Rick Santorum.A PPP poll now has Santorum 16 points ahead in Michigan. An ARG poll has Santorum ahead by 6 points.If Romney pours money in to Michigan to win, he will do it the way he has won the other races — through destroying his opponent, not building himself up. Romney knows the value of negative advertising. Santorum winning will cause abject panic among the powers that be in Washington, DC because they don’t think he can win a general election. They are sure he cannot win a general election. They are sure all the things he has written about women working outside the home, gays, beastiality, etc. will come back to bite him in the general election.If Romney wins, the conservative base will panic because he will be one step closer to wrapping this thing up and they don’t want him to wrap it up. They want him beaten. They just aren’t sure they want Santorum, or Gingrich for that matter, to be the one to do it.So everybody sit back and panic. It’s panic time in the GOP. In a race they should be winning against Barack Obama, the only winner seems to be sepuku.



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