Sixty-Five to One: It's Not That Complicated

Political analysts have a need to sound expertly and important when it comes to elections. They have to go in depth and explain artfully and deeply why someone won and someone lost. It was the debates. It was the ground game. It was the strategies. It was the likability versus dislikability of the candidates. On and on they go.What gets danced around is the money. Money is usually why candidates win or lose. Candidates with the highest favorable name ID usually win. To do that takes lots of money and lots of ads.For all the hoopla about Mitt Romney’s victory in Florida, it really is not that hard to understand. All you need to understand is the ratio 65 to 1.As my friend Jim Galloway notes at the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Mitt Romney ran 65 ads for every 1 ad run by or for Newt Gingrich. Ron Paul and Rick Santorum were shut out altogether.If you win the air war that significantly, you are going to win the election. We don’t need fancy spin and long winded explanations to understand that.



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