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From: [email protected]
Subject: Thoughts
Date: January 16, 2012 8:02:15 AM EST
To: [email protected]

Your thoughtless and final analysis… “the evangelical movement might have just sown the first seeds of division for 2016 — seeds that, like in 2008 and 2012, prevented evangelicals from getting one of their own the nomination.”When has the evangelical movement ever got one of their own the nomination?Why does it really matter what they do and think?The literally have no power anymore not even in small states like Iowa. Their candidate lost the gubernatorial primary.I think they are very much bigots. When they slander and attack Romney and Mormons, why the hell would the Romney camp be receptive to them? The divisiveness and the hypocrisy, say one thing and do another, lie cheat and steal and then, remember we are all sinners we will be saved no matter what… Why do you think no one takes you seriously when no one takes this “anti-Christ” movement seriously. Anti-Christ because their actions are destroying the kingdom for their own political gain. It’s all about themselves and money. They sell Christ for money. They preach for hire. Preistcraft in its worst form.Last Point, what if members of the LDS church and when I said members I mean to say all the LDS top Hierarchy from the top and down to local leadership, decided to publically have a “political conference” and uses their vast power influence and resources to get Mitt Romney elected.I wonder what would come out of your mouth? I wonder what would come out of the mouths of those bigoted members of the Priestcraft wing of the republican party.I honest pray that Romney never builds a bridge with those hypocrites and bigots and in turn it will help him in the middle when he sticks his thumb at the worst of the republican party.I hope you continue to lose sleep.Last, I love the part when a majority of them knew that Romney is going to win, and they pretend that they have influence to get Santorum to be Romney’s VP.Haha, how do they plan to pull than one off? And Santorum is Romney’s guy anyway. I wouldn’t be surprised if Santorum dropped out before Newt and Perry who he would endorse. Not to mention his little buddy in Wyoming that is funding his little SPAC. Don’t you know Santorum and Romney are family friends? And they have always been in this together since Huckabee and McCain teamed up on Romney. This was all decided when Meg Whitman, Santorum and Romney where campaigning together and realized why they lost and how to get Romney an ally in the Debate to get him past Iowa and South Carolina.Tell your bigot friends to keep praying for Santorum, because just like you said in this article, a vote for Santorum is a vote for Romney. Thanks for making me laugh this morning, your article made my day.P.S. Huntsman dropped out and Endorsed Romney before the Primary to get Romney more votes. How much money do you think Huntsman Sr. and the other Mormons that were on the sidelines waiting are going to give Romney know. And how many more points will Romney win by in S.C. now that Huntsman is out. What about Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho? I hope you enjoyed my little article as much as I enjoyed yours…Tewari
R. N. Tewari



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