The Mental Derangement of Ron Paul's Campaign

Supporters of Ron Paul produced a hit job on Jon Huntsman attacking Huntsman over his adopted daughter. His daughter, ftom China, was left for dead in a market and the Huntsmans intervened, got her back to good health, and adopted her.


Someone put up a video attacking Huntsman adoption as proof that Huntsman is a foreign agent.

The video began circulating among Ron Paul supporters and when Huntsman called them out, the Ron Paul campaign swung into high gear and produced a report that I can only venture to suspect was written by someone hopped up on gardasil, having acquired the mental retardation Michele Bachmann warned us about.

The Ron Paul campaign — NOT SUPPORTERS, BUT CAMPAIGN — analysis concludes that Jon Huntsman attacked his own daughter in an attempt to smear Ron Paul.

Yes, friends, it has come to that level of dain bramage.

While the media is licking its chops over the he said – he said of the Ron Paul “analysis” I should note that ridicule of the families of the other candidates is par for the course for Ron Paul supporters.

Here’s a Paul supporter on Ron Paul’s wall on Facebook ridiculing Rick Santorum’s family:


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The Paul campaign could have had the common decency to just say it was a supporter and condemn the attack on Jon Huntsman and his daughter.

But the Paul campaign seems only willing to condemn black people, Jews, and gays. Everyone else is fair game, including the children of other Presidential candidates.

What’s even more disturbing though is the Politico and other news outlets treating the Ron Paul defense as legitimate and questioning the Huntsman campaign. That’s not something the media even did to John McCain in 2000 with the awful attacks on him in South Carolina.

Pitiful all around.


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