Mitt Romney Got Arrested

It is such a silly thing, but it plays right into the left-wing attack on Mitt as an out of touch elitist.

All the way back to 1981, Mitt Romney got arrested.

It was no big deal.

Romney‘s arrest came in June 1981 when he proceeded to launch his motorboat at Wayland’s Lake Cochituate only moments after a park police officer had told him not to launch the craft or face a $50 fine.

The charges against Romney were dropped several days later and officially dismissed in February 1982 at Natick District Court. At Romney’s request, the judge also agreed to seal the records, making them unavailable for public inspection.

Romney said yesterday that the park ranger had overstepped his authority in arresting him and said the reason the case was dropped was that he had threatened to charge the officer and his agency, then called the Department of Environmental Affairs, with false arrest.

“He did not have the right to arrest me because I was not a disorderly person. This was an obvious case of false arrest,” Romney said. “The officer obviously agreed because he agreed to dropping the case.”

Still, the Obama campaign is rapidly building a John Kerry narrative against Mitt Romney. You and I may think the whole 99% vs the 1% crap is in fact crap, but the average joe doesn’t like elitists.

And this isn’t the only time Romney has had encounters with law enforcement that got nasty when things didn’t go his way. In 2002 during the Winter Olympics in Utah, Weber County Sheriff’s Office Capt. Terry Shaw claimed that Mitt Romney twice used the . . . wait for it . . . seriously . . . wait for it . . . the F-word while berating Deputy Kodi Taggart of the Weber County Sheriff’s Department. Likewise a traffic volunteer, Shaun Knopp, claimed “asked me who the f___ I was and what the f___ I was doing. We got the Olympics going on we don’t need this s___ down here.” Yeah, that was 2002.

The best thing Romney has going for him in this regard is Barack Obama also being an elitist. Because don’t all elitists yell at the little people like law enforcement officers?

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