Ted Kennedy Prepared Barack Obama's Attack Ads

In 1994, Ted Kennedy ran against Mitt Romney. Romney ran on his jobs record in the private sector. Sound familiar? Well, get ready for Barack Obama’s ad campaign against Mitt Romney. Ted Kennedy already produced the ads and I’ve got them.We’re going to hear about Bain Capital taking federal bailout money. We’ll hear the tales of woe from people Mitt Romney ordered laid off.Yes, you can say we’ll hear all the same stuff about Barack Obama, but every poll shows voters still do not connect Barack Obama to his policies. Policies are esoteric things. The people in these ads, however, connect their firings to Mitt Romney.The ads are below the fold. If you don’t see them here, you’ll see them on the campaign trail once Romney is the nominee.Oh, and in addition to campaign ads featuring every person every laid off on orders from Mitt Romney, you’ll also get to see his house in Utah, his stone cottage, and his Belmont home.The closest equivalent to Campaign 2012 with Barack Obama running against Mitt Romney won’t be found in the recent era. You’ll have to go all the way back to France, 1793, and the campaign of Robespierre against Marie Antoinette.Talk about a bloody political season, metaphorically speaking of course.


Hat tip to Business Insider and Legal Insurrection.


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