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Given his grammar, I assume we can blame this on government school indoctrination.

From: [email protected]
Subject: The end of the modern day conservative party
Date: December 13, 2011 9:13:22 AM EST
To: [email protected]

You sound like a bunch of fools rapped in the confederate Flagg deluding yourselves that a new day is dawning.Look in the f**king mirror and confess the abuses by you and yours that crippled this great country,with no concern for her future and not respect for her passed.You fools that blindly support these candidates who cannot say they can ever remember a time in their life that they wanted for anything,you give credit to them when they have no clue what hardships good Americans endure and by that stupid smirk on Perry’s face could careless.Ask yourself why none of the real candidates are in other than not wanting to be seen with this clown show.How embarrassed you must be when a has been like Newt is leading and real players are at home stuffing burgers in his face and that nice Cuban boy who ,oops forgot the truth about his past and then scrambled to change his congressional website info.What does it say about a man when he can’t even tell the truth about something so dear to him and his family.Ah, time to go ,but I will be back my slow witted ,stuck in the past of a dead President,ciao for now!




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