Donald Trump's Time to Get Tough

Time to Get ToughOur sister company within the Eagle Publishing, Inc. family, Regnery Publishing, has released a new book by Donald Trump. It comes out this morning.The book is Time to Get Tough: Making America #1 Again. In it, Trump goes on the warpath against the Obama Administration and pretty much everyone he thinks is dragging the country down.The Politico notes one of the coolest bits of the book:

Trump wraps the book with an afterward on “The Press and the Presidency,” in which he lambastes by name reporters he felt were dishonest, recaps some of the more notable moments of his exploratory effort and evaluates the GOP hopefuls who had come to meet with him prior to the book going to press.

Trump also takes some create for Lady Gaga’s success. That’s unfortunate. Heh.In any event, there are lots of write ups around the web on the book. I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, but I did want to tip the hat to Regnery for getting the Donald to write this book.For more on the book you can check out the Politico story linked above or the Wall Street Journal or even USA Today.