The Super Committee Failed The Day It Was Created

The Super Committee has failed to find a way to trim $1.2 trillion from the deficit. The fact is, though, the Super Committee was a failure from the moment it was conceived. Congress, both Democrats and Republicans, could not control itself. So it punted its failures to a Super Committee and even the threat of massive defense cuts could not prompt Congress to kick its spending addiction.Now, some members of Congress are even saying “to hell with the defense cuts. We’ll stop those cuts.” Of course.But it was all a bunch of smoke and mirrors for one simple reason.


We’re going to add ten trillion dollars over the next ten years and all this committee was supposed to do was find $1.2 trillion to trim over the same ten years, i.e. a hundred billion dollars in cuts a year to a trillion dollars in deficits a year.The math never added up. The Super Committee and the elaborate theater that preceded it were just a bipartisan way to cover up the fact that both Democrats and Republicans have screwed the country out of its life savings while they’ve been funding their pet projects from bridges to nowhere to solar panel firms.And this all leads to a calamitous dirty little not so secret that the Democrats have no answer for. If Republicans, who were willing to raise taxes on the Super Committee by the way, gave the Democrats their ultimate dream — taking 100% of all dollars earned from every single person who makes $200,000.00 a year or more — we still wouldn’t close Barack Obama’s budget deficit. There’d still be a gap.That leads us in two directions no one in Washington wants to go. Either start raising taxes on the middle class or start cutting significantly from the federal budget.Because no one in Washington outside of the real conservatives are willing to do either, the Super Committee, the Budget Control Act, and every statement to every reporter by every leader of either party is all smoke and mirrors.




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