Intentional or Not, Pat Toomey Shows America the Democrats Care Nothing for Our National Security

It is one of the quintessential pillars of the Republican Party — no new taxes. George H. W. Bush got thrown out of office for violating that pledge. But Pat Toomey, Senator of Pennsylvania, is proposing new taxes. He’s proposing $300 billion in new taxes, largely through restructuring and simplifying the tax code. But they are new taxes.So we have the GOP willing to surrender a key plank and the Democrats are unhappy. They want more. They want the GOP to go even higher. Toomey says no dice. I’m starting to think he’s outfoxed all of us by throwing down his first proposal and making it also his final proposal and in the process showing us two things.First, he is showing us just how irresponsible the House Republicans are. Toomey drew a firm line in the sand and the House GOP seems willing to up the ante. It’s no wonder John Boehner, our Republican Speaker, has presided over the largest spending binge we’ve ever seen from Congress. House Republicans are not only willing to raise taxes, potentially more than Toomey, but are daring to call it a tax cut.Pat Toomey is also showing the country something else — something more important. The Democrats seem to genuinely not care one whit about American national security and now the American public can see this.


Consider yesterday Democratic House Whip Steny Hoyer said at a press conference that our national debt is our greatest national security threat. He wants the Super Committee to go big and go bold.The Republicans on the Super Committee are willing to sacrifice a key plank of the GOP and raise taxes. Even the mainstream media is aghast at the GOP willing to raise taxes. The press cannot believe what they are seeing.But what are the Democrats willing to do? Thus far it seems nothing. They will not cut spending. They will not offer up serious reforms on entitlements. Nothing. They just want more taxes. In fact, the Democrats are screaming at Pat Toomey for offering up his first plan at $300 billion and then saying that’s it. That’s not how you negotiate in Washington. It’s how I’ve been saying the GOP should negotiate, but that’s not how Washington does it.And the Democrats are mad as hell at Pat Toomey for cutting to the chase and giving his final offer as his only offer.What are the Democrats countering with? Nothing but more taxes. They are saying publicly they won’t even come up with serious offers until the GOP offers even more tax increases. In other words, the Democrats are offering up nothing serious.We know that if the Super Committee fails, the Defense budget gets severely cut.So the Democrats are not willing to offer up any spending cuts to help solve our greatest national security crisis, i.e. our national debt. And because they will not help fix our national debt, they will see the American defense budget drastically cut.We see now just how little the Democrats care about our national security.Thanks Pat Toomey. But you still shouldn’t have offered tax increases.



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