The Perry Camp Shakes Up

Governor Rick Perry’s campaign is making news today in anticipation of his flat tax release tomorrow. He’s adding national staff, but not just any staff — staff that led insurgent bids against the GOP establishment.Nelson Warfield is known among conservatives as the guy who went in and helped Doug Hoffman against Dede Scozzafava. Warfield was one of the guys who made the necessary decision to keep Doug Hoffman out of his own commercials. It was a smart trick. Heh.Nelson Warfield will be joined by Tony Fabrizio, a well respected pollster, and Curt Anderson. The three of them helped Governor Rick Scott in Florida upset the national and Florida GOP establishment in the Republican Primary last year.Curt Anderson was with Team Romney in 2008. Anderson is close to Governor Bobby Jindal and, among my friends whether they like him or hate him, known to be one hell of a great debate coach and message guy.None of the Texas team are leaving. The new guys will just help reshape and beef up the messaging components of Team Perry, the one crucial thing they need to improve as Perry gets set to announce his tax plan.I’ll give one piece of advice. Two-thirds of the public thinks America is in decline. Team Perry needs to now shut up about Texas and start talking about America channelling Reagan’s optimism.A good start:


“I never thought of myself as a great man, just a man committed to great ideas. I’ve always believed that individuals should take priority over the state. History has taught me that this is what sets America apart — not to remake the world in our image, but to inspire people everywhere with a sense of their own boundless possibilities. There’s no question I am an idealist, which is another way of saying I am an American.” — Ronald Reagan

H/t on the Regan quote to Ben Domenech and The Transom.


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