Democracy Denied by Phil Kerpen

Democracy DeniedFull disclosure — I’m one of the blurbs in the book. I like Phil Kerpen. I like his work at Americans for Prosperity. I knew I’d like his book. I did. So will you.No, Phil’s book is not about a shadowy Obama conspiracy to impose martial law or not leave office should he be booted out. It is a book that fastidiously chronicles the extent to which the Obama Administration has bypassed Congress and sought to impose its leftist agenda on the country without a vote being taken by any elected politicians.Phil shows how the Obama Administration is using its regulatory powers and appointments gained during the two years when Democrats controlled both house of Congress to stack the deck in favor of unions, envirowackos, and socialists working to undermine the nation’s capitalist principles.And oh yes . . . there is, in fact, a section spelling out Barack Obama’s ties to Wall Street.One of the cool things about the book is the novel layouts and pull quotes. I don’t know how the editor is, but I genuinely love the typography. That’s not something I’d normally note in a book, but it stands out and makes the book more friendly in what could otherwise be a daunting subject.Phil handles the subject well and writes in a down to earth way. The beauty of this book is that with Solyndra, Lightsquared, and others, Phil is going to have an awesome second edition.



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