The President Is Not Going to Africa To Kill Christians

It is ridiculous that I’m even having to write about this, but I am.In the past 72 hours, I have gotten lots of emails from lots of people who should know better asking me if I’ve heard about Barack Obama sending American troops to Africa to go after the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). The people hearing the name assume it is a Christian group fighting radical Islamists in the Sudan or some such.It is no such thing.We can debate whether sending military advisers — the numbers range from a few dozen to a hundred — to Uganda to help track down and capture LRA members, but let us not claim the LRA is something it is not.A new movie will be out soon called Machine Gun Preacher documenting an American missionary’s struggles against the LRA.The group claims to be an emissary from God capable of channeling the Holy Spirit. The group has notoriously gone through Uganda capturing children and turning them into soldiers and, when not successful, murdering them. The group engages in sex trafficking, slavery, murder, mutilation, and the list goes on and on.LRA members have been hunted by George W. Bush and now by Barack Obama. They are an evil group and while we can debate the policy implications of the President sending troops off to Africa, we should not make victims or political points off the group the President will hopefully eradicate.



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