The Perry Performance

Perhaps it is that Perry has set the bar so low.In going back through the comments from my post last night on the debate, there are a large number of people — not all Perry acolytes — who think he had a solid debate performance.I didn’t even think he punched his card and showed up until the second half. What got me thinking this morning that maybe it is not as bad as some of us thought is this Byron York piece on Perry having “another bad debate.”I remember after the first debate, Byron and many others in the DC-NYC nexus thought Perry had a terrible debate performance and handled the social security question badly.Then Perry went up in the polls.The reality is Perry has $15 million, few people saw the Bloomberg debate and he’ll get another shot next week at a more credible debate with a larger audience. I wouldn’t write him off just yet. And he will, I hear, soon have both an energy plan and an economic plan, both centered on creating jobs. That’ll give him the opportunity to get back on the jobs message — a message he hasn’t been on much lately thanks to immigration.

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