Today is P-Day: Sarah Palin's Self-Imposed 'Drop Dead Date' To Declare Her Candidacy

Today is P-Day, the date Sarah Palin herself imposed as the deadline for her announcement to run for the Presidency. From U.S. For Palin:

Sarah Palin however has said she will make an announcement before the deadline to declare by the end of September. It is now September 8th, 2011 and all the media and her supporters have to do is wait till September 30th, 2011.


Never mind that last night she declared on Fox that, despite her own words, she probably won’t make up her mind today. Still, she said it. She set today’s deadline. Not the media. Not me. She did it.To quote Leon Wolf, “Consider that of all the candidates, Sarah Palin has the least excuse for her dithering. Unlike Perry, Bachmann, and Paul, Palin hasn’t had a job with official duties for the last two-plus years. All the other quasi-retired or term-limited candidates have long ago declared. Even Jon Huntsman was serving as ambassador to China as recently as April; and by the way, Huntsman has a larger family than Palin does. I get that deciding whether to run for President is a difficult decision; however, the Presidency is a job of difficult decisions, and if it has legitimately taken Sarah Palin over two years to decide whether to even start the process of becoming President, then she is unfit for the job.”So today, by her own admission since July, this is the date Sarah Palin should announce. Throughout the day we will monitor whether or not there is an announcement.And yes, “drop dead date” is Sarah Palin’s own word choice. It is not the media’s word choice or her fans’ word choice. It is Governor Palin’s own word choice.She has said the “media” is not going to set a “drop date” for her, but she set this one. In fact, you can hear Sarah Palin on tape talking about the deadline here. Go to 2:42 on this from August 12, 2011.Palin says, “”I have said that that August to September time line is important for a number of reasons.”I believe it is Jake Tapper in the blue shirt who then asks her “So by next month?” which would be September.Her response?”I think that practically speaking that would have to be it, that drop dead date. Also, in fairness to supporters who are standing on the sidelines, this is what I’ve told Todd over and over again, I don’t want to be perceived as stringing people along.


Here’s another reference to Palin’s self-imposed deadline.

Well it’s here folks, no not Palin’s announcement (At least not yet.), it’s the first of September. Just as Sarah Palin said last month, September is the “drop dead date,” to decide whether to run for president.

The media has reported this for some time based on Sarah Palin’s own words.

Palin, who has said she plans to make a decision about the race by late September, will not announce a presidential bid Saturday [at her September 3, 2011, speech].

From the New York Times:

The best window into her thinking, perhaps, can be found in her own words on Aug. 12 when she talked expansively to reporters at the Iowa State Fair.When asked whether the end of September was still the best timetable for her decision, she said: “Yes, definitely.”“To be fair to those supporters and potential supporters, who are waiting on figuring out what the set field will be,” she said, “I want to be fair to them and make sure that they don’t feel like they are just hanging on to something that’s not going to happen.”

From MSNBC’s First Read on September 5th:

After making speeches in both Iowa and New Hampshire, two early voting states, the question remains as the holiday weekend draws to a close, will she or won’t she? Sarah Palin has indicated her “drop dead” date for a possible presidential announcement is the end of September.


And going all the way back to July 13, 2011, and Scott Conroy with Real Clear Politics:

Decision day is rapidly approaching for Sarah Palin, and for the first time the former Alaska governor has indicated a time frame for when she will make a decision about whether to run for president.”You know, August and September, you do have to start laying out a plan if you are to be one to throw your hat in the ring, so that’s basically the time frame,” Palin told Sean Hannity during an appearance Wednesday night on Fox News.

This is a deadline Sarah Palin has imposed on herself. We’ll put an update up every hour on the hour until she announces today. And we know it will happen because all her supporters on Twitter have been telling us it will happen and today is the last day of September — her own deadline. Unless, of course, having thrown off the shackles of humanity itself, September does not end until Sarah Palin tells September it can end.



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