BREAKING: Huckabee reconsidering (Not Really) (Well Maybe)

UPDATE 2: Just got off the phone with someone else who tells me that yes, in fact, Team Huckabee is considering this.UPDATE 1: The Huckabee folks say this is news to them.————————-Reuters reports Mike Huckabee is reconsidering an entry into the Presidential field.I had said before he decided not to run that I wished he would get in the race because his sunny optimism about the country and ability to speak on the stump so well were needed if only to force the rest of the team to their A game.I still kind of feel that way, though I think Herman Cain is going be the guy to do that.I wouldn’t mind seeing Huck get in, though I still dislike his economic policy unless he’s evolved on that. I also still think it is really too late for anyone to get in.Given, however, his existing fundraising base, he might be the one guy who could do it. But I think it is kind of late.



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