Isn't This a Relevant Connection?

Nicole Gelinas is over at National Review joining in questioning Rick Perry about his “ponzi” rhetoric on social security. I’ve read that post twice and really don’t see the point of it, even with the previous points.But what is relevant to me is that Ms. Gelinas is a contributing editor to the Manhattan Institute’s City Journal.The Chairman of the Manhattan Institute is Paul E. Singer.What else does Paul Singer do? Why he manages Mitt Romney’s fortune.Sure Ms. Gelinas is a couple degrees separated, but in my mind it’s like the National Journal survey that found GOP insiders prefer Mitt Romney and National Journal failed to disclose that 25% of its insiders work or formerly worked for Mitt Romney.And this is indicative of the hill Rick Perry has to climb — most everyone of note is in some way tied to Mitt Romney or his money. A bit of disclosure might put a better perspective on these things.



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