Alarm Bells at the White House Over David Weprin's Race in NY-9

NY09 110Unlike the other New York special election races where the Democrats batted a thousand and the media covered them as prognosticators of doom and gloom for the GOP, there’s been radio silence for the most part on the special election to replace Anthony Weiner in NY-9.But there are alarm bells going on at the White House and the DNC. The DCCC just dropped a half-million dollars into a district the Democrats should easily win.The House Majority PAC is suddenly dumping money into the race.The DCCC is “said to be ‘panicking’” about the race. They should. This was Chuck Schumer’s district and Anthony Weiner’s district and the race is extremely close. Voters in NY-9 want to send a message to Barack Obama that they hate his policies on Israel (the district is strongly Jewish) and they hate his economics proposals.A prominent Democrat and member of the Jewish community, Dov Hikind crossed party lines to endorse Republican Bob Turner against Democrat David Weprin.Weprin himself is now shelling out over $260,000.00 in this solidly blue district to combat the Republican surge. Oh, his ad sucks too.That Republicans are doing so well in a New York City district that his solidly Democrat should be a terribly warning sign for Democrats. If the GOP wins, and the odds are still against them, Barack Obama will suddenly become more toxic. If this district crumbles, we may just see a real move for a primary challenge against Barack Obama.You might want to send some money Bob Turner’s way. The special election is Tuesday.




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