The Ad Campaign

I have in my head an ad campaign I think the GOP should get ready to roll out for the general election, regardless of the nominee.In Idaho, a man saw a female grizzly bear enter his backyard while his kids were playing in the back yard. He did the only reasonable thing he could. He got a gun and killed the bear. Then he immediately called the Idaho Department of Fish and Game. The federal government is now prosecuting him for killing the grizzly instead of letting it kill and eat his kids.In Virginia, an 11 year old rescued a protected woodpecker species from the jaws of a cat and kept it in a cage to make sure it would survive. A U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services official showed up on the family’s front door step with a state trooper and ordered the girl’s mother to appear in federal court on charges that could send her to jail for a year. Only an ensuing media backlash got the government to stand down.Then there is the Gibson guitar case where the government, assuming the facts are as presented, wanted Gibson Guitar to create jobs, not in the United States, but in Madagascar and India.There are the independent oil and gas companies in Louisiana shut down by Barack Obama taking advantage of the BP oil spill crisis to rid himself of Gulf of Mexico oil drillers.The list goes on and on. So the ad would be very simple.Victim of government abuse looks into the camera and tells his/her story.Candidate then says, “Barack Obama’s government has gone wild. Is it any wonder businesses are worried about investing and citizens cannot find jobs? It’s time to tame Washington.”Barack Obama might want to run against Congress, but it is not John Boehner’s branch of government fining eleven year olds and hauling men off to jail for saving their children’s lives.



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