In Praise of Jon Huntsman

For the first time since World War II, the American economy has created net ZERO jobs. I have seen a way to jump start recovery. And amazingly Jon Huntsman is leading the way.I realize that with Rick Perry announcing at the RedState Gathering I am supposed to be in Rick Perry’s camp or something. In truth, I would be glad to support any of the Republican candidates and absolutely will not endorse a single one of them.The only candidate in the GOP I do not care for is Jon Huntsman. I have made those reasons clear and there is no reason to hash them out there again because I want to sing his praises right now. Shocking, I know.Ambassador/Governor Huntsman has released his plan to jump start the economy. It is really good. It sets a much higher bar for the GOP than the other candidates. In fact, I dare say the other candidates are on notice that Huntsman’s plan should be their benchmark.In Huntsman’s economic plan, he would eliminate the alternative minimum tax, eliminate the capital gains tax, lower the corporate tax rate to 25%, and dramatically simplify the individual income tax code with a maximum rate of 25% while getting rid of all deductions.Huntsman would also push for comprehensive patent reform — real patent reform instead of what both Republicans and Democrats are current pushing. Hopefully he’ll support the elimination of patents altogether on software.The plan also is aggressively in favor of free trade and energy independence, including building out our use of natural gas, but without ridiculous government subsidization. Jon Huntsman campaign has used conservatives, particularly social conservatives, as his whipping boy to get media attention lately. He doesn’t have my support for his Presidential campaign given his campaign strategy to seemingly alienate the conservative base.But let’s be clear that his economic plan is deeply conservative and is based, in part, on his record as Governor of Utah. The other Republican candidates should look to this plan as a good benchmark for recovery moving forward.



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