Jon Huntsman's Legitimacy: A Near Sexual Fantasy for Some on the Left

At what point does Jon Huntsman’s campaign begin to look like a sexual fantasy for the some lefties in the media and the left in general and not like a Presidential campaign? At this point I think. His only useful purpose has become being the pin up Governor that the left can fixate on, breath lustily at, and whisper “if only the Republicans were like him.”With a hat tip to Ben Domenech’s awesome Transom, I found this post at the Corner by Katrina Trinko.The Politico and NBC are doing the next GOP Debate. Why the GOP would want to do a debate with the Politico and NBC — both of which have a well documented history of being mouthpieces for Obama (First question: What’s it like to be a Christofascist terrorist, Ms. Bachmann?) — is beyond me.In any event, they set the criteria to get into the debate as “4 percent in one of eight national prominent polls of Republicans taken since November 2010.”Why not a more round number like 5%? Well, that’d exclude Jon Huntsman who, on only one occasion ever, has polled at 4%, getting no higher than that. Any lower and you’d have to start inviting folks like Gary Johnson.In Mason Dixon’s latest poll of Florida, a state Jon Huntsman says he intends to be competitive in and has gone so far as to issue press releases responding to obscure Democratic Party chairmen in Florida counties, Huntsman polls at zero percent.In the most recent New Hampshire poll, Huntsman polls at 3%. — also a state he wants to do well in.In the most recent national Gallup poll, Huntsman polls at one percent.It has become apparent that Jon Huntsman’s purpose in the Republican Primary is to be a useful foil for the media to club the rest of the GOP pack. And perhaps to set the staging ground for Huntsman to launch a third party vanity bid for the White House as a way to help re-elect Barack Obama.How is the former Governor of Utah polling at 1% nationally more legitimate than the former Governor of New Mexico polling at 0% or businessman Herman Cain who polls at 4%?Answer: he’s not, except he provides use to the media the others do not.



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