This is really pathetic

This is unsurprising, but also really pathetic.“Conservative” elites are unhappy with the Republican field.Bill Kristol pines for a smart guy.Let me put this in perspective for you. The group of “smart” conservatives who were okay to let No Child Left Behind go through, who did little to oppose Medicare Part D, who advocated for TARP, and endorsed the idea of “big government” conservatives are unhappy that the only people running for President right now are actual conservatives.Yesterday I brought up what the media was saying about “far right” Ronald Reagan in 1980. I did not feel it was the place, but probably need to do a second piece on what the “intellectual” Republicans of 1980 were saying about Ronald Reagan.Largely, they were saying the exact same thing these jokers are saying about the GOP field today.Yes, yes, yes, many of the Republicans have been dissatisfied with the field. But it wasn’t for lack of a “smart” guy or a snooty intellectual. It was because the field did not seem to want to really advocate for small government.And now that they all are really focused on the issue, save Jon Huntsman, suddenly the “conservative” elites in Washington are unhappy.This is really pathetic.



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