Hyperbloviating Think Progress Gets Its Collective Panties In A Wad Over Rick Perry

Let me remind you that union goons sympathetic to Barack Obama have taken to showing up on the doorsteps of bank executives’ houses in America to threaten and intimidate them.Let me also remind you that Barack Obama told Wall Street Executives that he was all that stood in the way of pitchforks coming for them.And Barack Obama also called on his supporters to bring guns to knife fights, not to mention to punish their enemies.Then there were the August 2009 town halls where virtually every documented act of violence was at the hands of union goons while Think Progress pretended it was the racist tea partiers causing the violence.There are countless other examples and through it all, Think Progress cheered it all on.In Iowa, Rick Perry said, “I dunno what y’all would do to him in Iowa but we would treat him pretty ugly down in Texas.” Think Progress has gotten its collective panties in such a tight wad over this the whole staff may have to go commando.Think Progress’s (I’m not sure what to call him . . . blogger, I guess, because he sure as heck doesn’t even clear welterweight on the scale of intellectuals in Washington) Matt Yglesias decries Perry for wanting to lynch Ben Bernanke — something Perry did not say. That Yglesias would suggest it says more about how he views Texas than it does Rick Perry.The hysteria is ridiculous. It is also a reminder of how the outrage pimps are going to play 2012.



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