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With more and more media speculation that Rick Perry is getting in, I’m getting questions from reporters about a projected budget deficit in Texas and several of the reporters make clear that the Democrats are the ones pushing this.Let’s be clear about a few things:1. Rick Perry has never signed into law a budget that did not balance while Barack Obama’s own budget was rejected 97 to 0 by the United States Senate and never balanced. In fact, for the first time in at least 50 years, this year Rick Perry signed into law a budget that was actually less than the prior year’s budget — a real cut to government, not just a cut to growth rates.and my new personal favorite:2. Rick Perry and Barack Obama both inherited credit ratings from George W. Bush. Perry raised his inherited credit rating to AA+ from AA and Barack Obama lowered his inherited credit rating from AAA to AA+.Yes, Democrats, I think from now on it is worth Republicans pointing out frequently that while Barack Obama may have inherited a bad economy from George W. Bush, he also inherited a AAA rated credit rating. And yes, George Bush, like Barack Obama, had two years with Democrats controlling Congress and still managed to not lose our AAA credit rating. Barack Obama failed to do the same with the GOP only controlling one house of Congress.



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