Is Jon Huntsman Loyal to Anyone?

I had a brief chuckle yesterday when someone sent word that the biggest loser on the NYSE yesterday was Huntsman’s company. There’s a metaphor in there somewhere.But today comes to bits of information that should give people pause to think about just who Jon Huntsman is. I realize a lot of people don’t get my outrage that a man who serve as the President’s ambassador and, at the same time, plot against the President. I place a high value on loyalty.But some responses were, “Meh . . . it’s Obama.”Well, consider this by Peter Byrne, the CEO of who was Huntsman’s largest contributor in 2004. Huntsman won Byrne’s support on school choice. Then, in office promptly threw the school choice movement under the bus to avoid controversy.Likewise, having gotten lots of positive press about Utah cracking down on “naked short selling”, Huntsman folded like a cheap suit the moment Wall Street came calling.Huntsman seemingly has no great loyalty or convictions to anyone or anything other than his own naked ambition. Which may be explained by this piece from NBC-LA,which points out Huntsman’s formative years were in California and he is the prototypical California Republican.Given the track record of the California GOP in recent years, we may be able to add Huntsman to the “former” candidate list sooner rather than later.