The RedState Gathering

At the first RedState Gathering, a few people national audiences had not really heard of named Nikki Haley, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Michael Williams, and Ken Cucinnelli showed up.Last year, we had a few more.This year, we’ll have Governor Rick Scott of Florida, Governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina, Governor Rick Perry of Texas, Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina, Treasurer Don Stenberg of Nebraska, Rep. Adam Hasner of Florida, Texas Railroad Commissioner Michael Williams, and former Texas Solicitor General Ted Cruz.And that’s not all.With Governor Perry possibly running for President, the media is zeroing in on the RedState Gathering.We’re also going to show “The Undefeated.”American Majority is going to conduct some of the best grassroots training you’ll ever experience.And there are some actual, factual surprises in store too.This is your last chance folks. Go to to register. The event is August 12 to August 14. I’ll be rolling out the agenda starting this week at RedState.I suspect you’re going to want to be there.



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