I honestly cannot tell you how disgusted I am with the House Republicans today.They will yet again pass off their responsibility to a committee that will do nothing. We know it will do nothing because we have had 17 of these committees come before this one and the debt has gone up from $1 trillion to $14 trillion.Boehner’s plan, despite what you are hearing, does not prevent this committee from raising taxes. In fact, it contemplates that the committee might raise taxes.And we will lose our credit rating. The loss of our credit rating will be more economically devastating that a technical default.The GOP will get blamed for it, but hey! at least the economy will stay in the tank next year in to hurt Obama. Small consolation to our small businesses and the many Americans hurting. Great job Republicans!This is pathetic.Have I mentioned they’ve never even made a dent in Obamacare — the costs of which are still not fully on the books?



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