The Creepy Jon Huntsman Fundraising Letter

I admit up front that I”m biased, but good grief I can’t let this pass.I got a fundraising solicitation from Jon Huntsman today. Here’s how it begins:


This is the chance you’ve been waiting for. It’s been a long two and a half years of uncertainty, anxiety, confusion, and an overall lack of direction and sure-handed leadership.It’s time to turn the page. . . and today you can become part of something new and exciting that you’ll be proud to lend your faith to.

It sounds like he’s trying to sell me on a new social network. Facebook and Google+ not enough? Try Jon Huntsman (beta).But the really creepy bit is “you’ll be proud to lend your faith to.”I don’t put my faith in politics, Mr. Huntsman. Just the God you don’t seem comfortable talking about with all your new-ageyness. I’ll pass.


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