House Republican Leaders Cave in Less Than 24 Hours

This is embarrassing.On Fox News Sunday, John Boehner began the day saying that he wanted a deal that kept to the principles of “Cut, Cap, and Balance.”He concluded Sunday by telling House Republicans that Cut, Cap, and Balance was off the table due to Senate opposition.Twice the House GOP has staked out a position. Twice they have been shot up and beat to hell by the Democrats for daring to do so. Twice their leaders then threw in the towel on their plans. First on Paul Ryan’s plan and now this.No wonder so many House Republicans are privately expressing so much anger at their leadership.


To make it worse, Republican Leaders on Capitol Hill are offering up what is being called a “Super Congress”. In this plan, 3 Democrats and 3 Republicans would get together, come up with an agreement to make spending cuts and raise taxes. Then neither house in Congress would be able to stop those reforms — no filibuster could be used.We’ve seen these sorts of commissions throughout American history. We always wind up with the tax increases. We never get the spending cuts.In the last thirty years there have been 17 deficit commissions. The deficit has gone up $13 trillion. The cuts are always accounting gimmicks.House Republicans should hold the freaking line. They should say “Cut, Cap, and Balance” or no deal. They should not succumb to fear. They should not be in such a race to avoid August 2nd that they get a bad deal.History shows us how this will end up: taxes will go up and spending will go up.It’s time to stop pouring alcohol for the alcoholic. It is time to stop raising the credit limit so the spendthrifts can spend some more. It is time to hold the freaking line.Cut, Cap, and Balance is the only plan that can be passed by August 2nd. It needs just four more votes in the Senate where it is tabled, not dead. If Republicans in either house are seeking forgiveness for cutting deal, they will get none from the American people. If they haven’t been paying attention, while they’ve been holding the line on cut, cap, and balance, their poll numbers among the young and poor have been going up.Hold the freaking line.



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