Jon Huntsman Admitted He Was Representing Barack Obama

One of the big excuses and counters to my argument that Jon Huntsman was disloyal to the President of the United States was that he wasn’t representing the President, but the United States.


And the people who make this argument usually say something like, “Well, he may have been disloyal to Obama, but he wasn’t loyal to the country and that’s who he represented.”

Except Jon Huntsman, in his own words, saw it differently. In a letter to Barack Obama dated August 16, 2009, in additional to calling Obama a “remarkable leader”, Huntsman wrote that he appreciated the President’s confidence in Huntsman’s “ability to represent you in China.”

So Jon Huntsman admitted he was representing Barack Obama to the Chinese, not the United States in generally. And he publicly began consideration of a Presidential campaign against the man he admitted he represented before ceasing that representation. The Newsweek article where he admitted he was considering it happened at the beginning of this year. Huntsman didn’t leave China until May 1st.

Republicans should not honor disloyalty to the President at this level, regardless of who that President may be.

Here’s Huntsman in his own words:



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