Ed Schultz and MSNBC Have Not Apologized to Neal Boortz Yet

Yesterday, I provided conclusive proof that MSNBC’s Ed Schultz had doctored a Neal Boortz quote to make it look like Neal Boortz was advocating white people in Atlanta murder black people.


In reality, Boortz was advocating that victims of carjackings get conceal-carry permits and gun down the thugs trying to car jack them.

Ed Schultz willfully and maliciously left out the key part of Boortz’s quote providing context that Boortz was talking about self-defense against thugs. When a guest on Schultz’s show tried to raise the context in which Boortz made his comments, Schultz immediately switched to bashing the tea party movement as racist.

As of yet, MSNBC and Ed Schultz have not apologized to Boortz for doctoring his quote. When will MSNBC adhere to basic journalistic standards and correct the Schultz’a malicious act of quote doctoring?

Jeremy Gaines is the Vice President of Communications for MSNBC and can be reached at [email protected]. You might want to email him and ask when MSNBC plans to issue an apology to Neal Boortz for doctoring his quote.


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