On Jon Huntsman: See, I Told You So

My objection to Jon Huntsman remains simple: while serving at the pleasure of the President of the United States, he began plotting against the President of the United States. It matters not who the President is. It matters that the man was disloyal to his President while serving as his mouth piece to our biggest strategic adversary in the world.Many people responded to my objection by saying, “he never campaigned or did anything to start campaigning while serving the President.” This statement is made in direct contravention to the public facts and record.And now even the Los Angeles Times concedes that I was right.Huntsman’s campaign, while he was still serving as ambassador, began lining up speaking gigs for him in key primary states. Huntsman says he had no connections to the people doing this on his behalf, but the facts show otherwise.Did Jon Huntsman violate the Hatch Act, a federal law prohibiting political appointees from engaging in politics? It does not look good for Huntsman and you can bet that, should he be the nominee, the media will do to him with Hatch Act allegations what they’ve done for two years to Sarah Palin.At least with Huntsman it will be deserved.




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