It's A Judgment Issue, But I'm Not Personally Offended

There is a story out this morning that Sarah Palin’s top aide Rebecca Mansour sent out a series of nasty direct messages on Twitter about Sarah Palin’s daughter, Mitt Romney supporters, others, and me.The Daily Caller has the details.Regarding me, Jonathan Strong reported:

Advertisement founder and CNN contributor Erick Erickson is “a total douchebag,” wrote Palin speechwriter and domestic policy adviser Rebecca Mansour in a May 22, 2010, message. “Greasy dumb ass with a talent for self-promotion. He threw himself in at the Gov’s SC rally. Self-promotion.”

As I told Tucker Carlson and Jonathan Strong and as they documented in their story, then candidate Nikki Haley and her campaign manager Tim Pearson emailed me prior to the public release of the endorsement to tell me about it and invite me to be on stage and introduce Governor Haley to the crowd.Now, as a matter of fact, that Rebecca Mansour would send these to a person she apparently only met on Twitter reflects poor judgment, but as I pointed out to Tucker and Jonathan, her note about me was sent on May 22, 2010.I’m sure Rebecca did not know that Governor Haley had personally invited me to be on stage. Likewise, this was at a time when everybody and their uncle was trying to take credit for anything and everything Sarah Palin had done and were also trying to stand in the limelight with her.If anything, I think Rebecca’s reaction to me is completely understandable given what was happening with Team Palin at the time. I’d have probably thought the same thing.There is one other issue though worth exploring.At the end of the Daily Caller article, there is this from Mansour:


“If you’re asking whether I called Erick Erickson a douchebag once? Absolutely, I probably did, because he’s written some nasty things about my boss.” Minutes later she said, “I believe at the time when I wrote that comment about Erickson he had written a snotty piece about Palin.”

Well, I went back prior to May 22, 2010, to see what “at the time” I had written snotty about Governor Palin. What I found was:Defending her against Newsweek on May 5, 2010.Defending her against Trey Grayson’s attacks on April 15, 2010And praising her as “authentic and on the money” on February 7, 2010.I’m sure I said something critical about something related to Governor Palin. I have about everybody. But I certainly can’t find anything anyone could characterize as “nasty” about Sarah Palin. Perhaps the most critical would be this post on January 11, 2011, where I expressed my concerns that she was unintentionally going to be ruined for being connected to the National Tea Party Convention that descended into birtherism.Most often, I find, I get blamed for the stuff others have written here at RedState and that’s fine. It happens. That’s life.But I have been called much worse by many other Republicans. If nothing else, Rebecca probably gained a few new fans for Governor Palin within the GOP establishment for her comment. If that helps a Palin 2012 effort, it’d be worth it.———————By the way, would I sound like a greasy, dumb ass douchebag with a talent for self-promotion to be kind of flattered that in a big, front page story on Sarah Palin’s top aide that included salacious gossip about Palin’s own kids and Mitt Romney, that the Daily Caller would start and end its story focusing on me? Yeah, probably.




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