Today Barack Obama Meets His Inner Richard Nixon in Libya

I half expect Benjamin Netanyahu to come to the United States today and demand the U.S. cede all territory gained from the 1848 Mexican cession back to Mexico. It, like Obama’s Middle East speech of yesterday, would be a key distraction from a date and duty Barack Obama has had 60 days to get ready for.Under the War Powers Act, today is the day Barack Obama must either get congressional support for the Libyan operation or begin a full withdrawal from Libya.The media will probably not get the significance of the day. Richard Nixon vetoed the War Powers Act, but Congress overrode his veto. For years the left has hailed the War Powers Act as a restraint against Presidents and the military.As John Yoo and Robert Delahunty observe in today’s Wall Street Journal, Obama originally said he was acting in Libya “consistent with” the War Powers Resolution.While many on the right believe the War Powers Act is unconstitutional. It is hard to find a liberal who agrees. The law the left championed against both Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush may very well fly apart at the hands of Barack Obama. “If American forces over Libya do not stand down today, the administration would be directly violating the Constitution as understood by Mr. Obama.”Of course we can guarantee one thing — on this historic day, Barack Obama can be expected to do nothing so much as vote present on what happens.



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