Another Bit of Data Into 2012

I don’t think next year is going to be easy for the GOP. But I am increasingly convinced next year’s electoral struggle for the GOP will not be fraught with the dire and awful predictions of so many, no matter who the Republican Party nominates.It remains as it ever was — the economy, stupid!President Obama off to destroy the Israeli State in the name of a two state solution does nothing but show he is yet again not focused on jobs or the economy. The Democrats fear mongering on medicare while refusing to offer up a budget of their own shows the same.And now there is new data from Resurgent Repubilc that adds more data and more ability to tie the economic message to a range of Democrat actions and sustain the idea that it is the economy, stupid.According to a new poll of registered voters,


By a margin of 55 to 36 percent, voters are more concerned that the federal government has too many regulations that will hurt the economy, rather than too few regulations to hold private businesses accountable. Republicans are more concerned about too many regulations by 77 to 16 percent, as are Independents by 55 to 35 percent. Only Democrats are concerned about too few regulations by 56 to 36 percent.

The most striking bit of the data is that 47% of hispanic voters are concerned about out of control regulations and 57% of private sector union members are concerned about government regulation.The concern about regulations is shared by all age groups, by all income levels.Now, the regulatory state alone is not enough to pull voters to the GOP. But, it is one more data point that Republicans have a message to sell to the voters and it is tied directly into the economic malaise of the Obama Administration. People understand the oppressive regulatory environment of the Obama Administration contributes to high unemployment, escalating costs, and slow growth.



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