Stop Goodwin Liu [Updated]

UPDATE: Goodwin Liu has been stopped for now. The Senate failed to stop the filibuster against Liu.Thanks for your calls.β€” Erick——————————————Today the United States Senate will vote on cloture in the matter of Goodwin Liu. Sixty votes are needed. Call 202-224-3121 and ask for your Senator. Tell him to oppose Goodwin Liu.Goodwin Liu is a true radical, in favor of using the courts to redistribute wealth and impose slave reparations, among other things. He’s so radical that even Rahm Emanuel was opposed to his nomination.According to Harry Reid (D-NV), the Democrats need Goodwin Liu on the federal bench because β€œthe court of appeals is where law is made, and we need the finest minds in the world for that.” There are some Senate targets to focus on in getting them to oppose cloture.


They include Sens. Alexander, Brown, Chambliss, Collins, Graham, Isakson, Kirk, McCain, Murkowski, Snowe, and Thune.

Call 202-224-3121 and get your Senator to oppose cloture.


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