The Gang of Six Becomes Five. Coburn Bolts. Chambliss Stays.

The “Gang of Six”, which is the group in the Senate trying to come up with bipartisan tax increases and tax restructuring to implement the Deficit Commission’s plans, is collapsing. Late yesterday, Oklahoma Republican Tom Coburn bolted from the group because the Democrats are unwilling to deal with restructuring entitlements in their quest to raise taxes.


Two Republicans remain, Mike Crapo of Idaho and Saxby Chambliss of Georgia. The Washington Post reports Chambliss is now leading the GOP down a path toward supporting tax increases without serious entitlement reform.

Chambliss, his friends say, doesn’t care about the political cost. He’s decided the voters are too stupid to know what to do, but he does know what to do. And doggoneit, Saxby is going to do what Saxby wants to do with his good friend and drinking buddy, Democrat Mark Warner.

Together, their bipartisan plan will raise Americans taxes massively over the next few years and do nothing to solve the very real crisis of social security and medicare. At best, they’ll put a bandaid on the entitlement crisis.

Every once in a while the stupid party and evil party get together and do something both stupid and evil. They call it bipartisanship. It looks pretty much like what Saxby Chambliss is orchestrating. And it just became too stupid and evil for Senator Tom Coburn.

That should tell you just how bad it is. But Saxby will keep plugging away while hiding behind his American Conservative Union rating.


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