Jon Huntsman's Newest Denial Defies Credibility

Jon Huntsman went to Florida and denied gearing up to run for President while serving as United States Ambassador to China.

“There was no gearing up for a campaign, whatsoever,” Huntsman said, explaining that the campaign structure had been put together without his input.


That defies credibility.In May of 2009, Jon Huntsman retained McCain strategist John Weaver to advise him on running for President.Later that year, Huntsman became Ambassador to China.In October of 2010, while still Ambassador to China, John Weaver fires up Huntsman’s PAC.In December of 2010, Huntsman, well, here is how his groupies described it to Newsweek back at the first of January:

But sources close to Huntsman (who requested anonymity to speak freely without his permission) say that during his December trip to the U.S., he met with several former political advisers in Washington and Salt Lake City to discuss a potential campaign. “I’m not saying he’s running,” says one supporter who has worked with him in the past. “But we’re a fire squad; if he says the word, we can get things going fast.”

Newsweek and the press subsequently played up his interview with Newsweek as a hint that he was running. Neither Huntsman, nor his team, denied it.Huntsman sent in his resignation letter on January 31, 2011, but he did not resign until May 1, 2011.Oh, and now for all you people who said there were no problems, we get word today that, in fact, Huntsman’s machinations caused all sorts of problems within the State Department and Diplomatic Corps.Never mind that this all came just as we were headed into a summit with China.By the way, we should now be asking if this was really an accident or just a way to get some positive buzz going into primary season considering how Republicans and evangelical voters feel about the pro-democracy movement in China.Given what we now know, I would not put it past Huntsman to have done this intentionally, damn the consequences.



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