Are New York Tea Partiers Really Willing to Sell Out?

There’s a special election happening in New York’s 26th Congressional District and tea party activists up there look increasingly like they are either being duped or selling out.There are three candidates in the race, a Republican, a Democrat, and a self-described tea party candidate named Jack Davis. As Democrats are doing more and more around the country, it appears they are setting up Davis to be the spoiler so a Republican can’t win a Republican seat.Even a cursory look at Davis makes you wonder why the hell anyone would consider him anything related to tea party material.Davis ran as a Democrat in NY-26 in 2004, 2006, and 2008. His big issue has been trade and protectionism. In fact, Davis’s big plan is imposition of major taxes to rectify trade imbalances. In fact, Davis adopts in large scale ideas from Paul Krugman.It’s not just that. Davis has been caught on tape yelling at tea party activists who question him, telling them to shut up.I cannot believe tea party activists in New York would fall for this guy, but many apparently are despite his record and his rhetoric. The irony is that while Davis cannot win, he could be the spoiler to get the Democrat elected. If that happens, the media will use this race to claim voters are rejecting the tea party movement.



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