Yet Again Politifact Shows Itself to be Leftist Propaganda Masquerading as an Agent of Truth

Politifact continues to masquerade as an agent of truth when it is, in fact, a mouthpiece for the left. It took great pains to slowly establish itself as something resembling a ref on a field, but once that reputation was established it has gone out of its way to peddle lefty talking points.Consider it labeling as “a lie” the accurate Republican claim that the Democrats intend a government take over of healthcare — something even Democrats admit Obamacare intends.Now Politifact is going after Senator Rob Portman for saying


As an immediate bridge, we should increase access for oil exploration and production in energy-rich areas of the country like the Outer Continental Shelf, and in parts of Alaska

Get ready. What is Politifact saying?

Not so fast, say the experts. Pretend that environmentalists dropped all objections to drilling for oil on the Outer Continental Shelf — that area that lies offshore between states’ jurisdictions and the end of United States oceanic boundaries. Also pretend that the public decided its need for oil trumped what environmentalists see as the sanctity of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, or ANWR. Since we’re just pretending, everyone join in: Drill, baby, drill.Then wait.See ya around 2021.

That is exactly what the Democrats said in 2001 when George Bush tried it. Today is the tomorrow the Democrats told us yesterday was too far away to do anything about. Politifact continues the Democrats’ talking points.Politifact likewise chooses to ignore that its argument that somehow Rob Portman isn’t telling the truth is exactly the argument the Democrats used ten years ago to tell us not to drill.



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