Barack Obama To Release His Long Form Birth Certificate

Barack Obama is going to release his long form birth certificate. For several years now, he has used this issue as a way to paint those who oppose him has crazy, racist extremists.With Donald Trump seizing the issue and more and more polling showing people questioned Barack Obama’s country of origin, including the National Newspaper Association, considered the black press of America, the issue has become a liability to Barack Obama.So he’ll release it and make it a non-issue for most and, for those who continue to believe there is something off, he’ll go back to portraying them as crazy, racists.Of course, once the birth certificate issue is dispatched, will he release his college transcripts? That’s the issue for me.When the birth certificate is reviewed and we can see what most of us have always known — that he was born in Hawaii — we can move on. For some, moving on will be to wonder what religion the man is.He can’t win on this. Not that I care.




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